• Flexible and certified manufacturing

    The industrial manufacturing of working clothes is one of the traditional activities of the Foundation. From the most basic clothing items to approved clothing in different standards (high visibility, anti-entrapment, anti-static, electric arc, flame retardant, forestry, anti-acid) and combinations thereof. Our system of quality management is certified under ISO 9001.

  • Mechanical factory

    We have: automatic cutting saw, presses, straightening machines, spot welding, bending, rolling thread, threading machine, electronic welding of plastics, drill and extruders as well as experienced staff.

    We have a wide variety of products for the mining, construction and civil engineering, and other sectors...

  • Carbayín Plant

    FUSBA has two production centers, one located in Carbayín - Siero (in the basin of Nalón) where the mechanical factory is located, the manufacture of clay blocks and packaging of lubricants as well as activities and environmental services and miscellaneous handling.

  • Clothing factory

    Being a manufacturer gives us a clear competitive advantage by allowing us to adapt to customer needs, both in regulatory requirements, layouts, colors, composition, weight and special sizes, with short delivery times and being able to customize the clothes and items (per department, operator,...).


Foundation of Santa Barbara is an entity constituted by Nacional Hulleras del Norte S.A. (HUNOSA) in 1975, but with its own legal corporation. Its career up-to- date has been the creation of a Special Employment Center FUSBA, with the production facility in the Principality of Asturias (Spain).

It is staffed by workers with disabilities (physical, mental and sensory) supported by technical, commercial and social management. The Foundation sells its products under the name of "FUSBA", addressing various business lines oriented to different markets and sectors. Its extensive experience in activities such as Mining or Textile (work wear) a such as silkscreen, advertising, printing, scanning and geo referencing, etc.., has resulted in the fact that main Companies in our country, are becoming a reference as clients.

FUSBA'sbehavior is characterized by serious, rigorous and a desire for unlimited service, being the customer’s satisfaction its common denominator and the integration of the handicapped its goal.

FUSBA is certified by ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Management System is applicable to: manufacture of working clothes for general industry; commercialization of products of hygiene, textile, labour wardrobe and PPE products; manufacture of metal parts and welded; manufacturing clay blocks for confinement of explosives; fill of fluids (fats, oils, gels); environmental services (maintenance of green areas and associated arrangements masonry and painting, facade cleaning and exterior); maintenance of firefighting equipments and BIES; disinfection, pest and rodent control. iso9001